New Player Help for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom covers information and guides to help new players understand the basic mechanics of the game and provide foundation as well as highlight the important features of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.This aims to help players and provide guides on where to start off, the first few locations you'd need to get to, how to deal with certain enemy encounters, finding useful items, and many more. This page lists helpful pages and other important information, and once more information has been released, it will be added here.

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Helpful Pages for Zelda TotK

  • Controls: Details on the basic controls and movement for the game.
  • Combat: Explains the key features of both basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game.
  • Lore: Covers information on the story and overall premise of the game.
  • FAQs: A list of frequently asked questions on the game.
  • Locations: Learn more about how to navigate the world and other points of interest.
  • Weapons: A list of all available weapons in the game.
  • Walkthrough: A step-by-step guide that will help you go over each section of the game.


Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom New Player Help

Controls in Zelda: Tearls of the Kingdom.

Game Controls for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom basic overview. In this section, one can explore the basic controls of exploration ranging from basic to advance ones like moving around Link, gliding, climbing, swimming, riding, and of course combat controls. It is worth noting that these controls are changeable just in case, one is having difficulties with how the default controls were laid out. However, not all actions can be changed. One may do so by following these steps. Open the menu by pressing the + Button and select “ Options ” from the “ System ” Menu.


Basic & Maneuvering Controls

Actions Buttons
Move, Select Left Stick
Move Camera, Switch Porch Page, Weapon, Shield Selection, Move Telescope, Rotate Pouch Screen Right Stick
Action Button ( speak, pick item, examine ), Confirm  A Button
Dash, Cancel, Speed Text  B Button
Jump  X Button
Attack, Reorder Pouch Screen  Y Button
Throw Weapons  R Button
Unleash Bow ZR Button
Use Seeker Item L Button
Focus ( lock-on ), Hold Shield ZL Button
Select Seeker Item ▲ directional Button
Whistle ▼ directional Button
Switch Weapon (Bow) ▶ directional Button
Switch Weapon (Arrow) ◀ directional Button
Open Porch  + Button
Open Map  – Button


Battle Controls

Actions Buttons
Normal Attack Y Button
Continuous Attack Y Button ( press continuously )
Dash Attack Y Button ( During Dash )
Jump Attack Y Button ( On Midair )
Tame Attack Hold Y Button
Rotating Slash Rotate Left Stick, Press the Y Button
Rush Attack Y Button ( While Dodging )
Throw Weapon Hold R Button
Arrow Shot Hold ZR Button
Hold Shield ZL Button
Perfect Guard ZL Button + A Button
Shield Surf ZL Button + A Button + X Button
Side Jump ZL Button + Left Stick (Move Horizontally) + X Button

 Mount Controls

Actions Buttons
Change Direction Left Stick
Acceleration A Button
Deceleration Lower Left Stick
Jump Y Button
Parasail Hold ZR Button
Appease L Button
Mount Horse A Button
Unmount Horse B Button
Jump From Horse X Button

Shield Surfing Controls

Actions Buttons
Change Direction Left Stick, Right Stick
Acceleration Upper Left Stick
Deceleration Lower Left Stick
Jump X Button
Parasail X Button ( while on midair )
Spin Attack Y Button
Unleash a bow ZR Button

 Gliding Controls

Actions Buttons
Use Parasail X Button
Halt Parasailing B Button
Arrow Shot Hold ZR Button

Climbing Controls

Actions Buttons
Jump X Button
Remove hand B Button

Swimming Controls

Actions Buttons
Acceleration Left Stick
Spin Attack Y Button ( While Zora’s Helmet is equipped )



Basic Combat Guide & Overview in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Aside from mastering exploration and understanding the essential elements of the game, combat is one of the features that a new player needs to focus on. In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players will be thrown into a vast open world space where constant threats are lying around, that keep them on their toes. You as a player need to handle the said threats by knowing the basics of combat and adapting to your surroundings. Neutralizing these treats will provide Link advantages such as gaining loot rewards, possible upgrades, and eventually overcoming life-endangering circumstances. We prepared a handful of tips and tricks and a brief guide to at least explain the basics of combat so that at the end of the day, you will triumph over your adversaries and adapt to this perilous world.

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Basics of Melee Combat

Starting off with close-range fights will most be your go-to style, especially in the early game since you do not have fancy tools and other unique types of equipment at your disposal. Like in other games, melee weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have similarities. At first, the game will let you access a " Tree Branch ", one of the basic weapons in the game. It will give you a fair taste of how melee weapons behave. One example is pressing the attack button continuously will let Link dish out an attack combination for more damage. On the other hand, pressing and holding the attack button will let Link charge his weapon and deal with a charge attack. This type of attack deals a significant amount of damage. When Link is on elevated spaces or when gliding, jump attacks are also capable of doing surprise attacks, capable of catching enemies off guard, ideal in a lot of situations.

img26 battle mastersword closeup new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Dodging or Evading Enemy Attacks

Attacking and evading enemy attacks work hand in hand. It is not advisable to mindlessly engage and attack targets without any sort of plan to avoid possible incoming enemy attacks. One way to evade the majority of the attacks in the game is by pressing ZL + Jump + a directional button. If done successfully, Link will roll to distance successfully dodging attacks. On the other hand, if you time your dodge just right before the attack, you can perform a Perfect Dodge which allows you to execute a "Flurry Rush" counter-attack. A special move that can only be done after performing a Perfect Dodge. Always remember that if Link's offensive capabilities are important, mastering the art of evading enemy attacks should be as important as well should be focused on.

img6 battle shield new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Block Enemy Attacks With Shields

In addition to dodging, another defensive tactic is blocking enemy attacks by pressing the ZL button when you have a shield equipped. Unlike dodging, blocking is a direct way to ward off enemy attacks. Similar to Perfect Dodging, there is also a technique called Perfect Guard that can be performed by pressing the A button just before an enemy attack lands. If you successfully execute a Perfect Guard, you can launch a powerful counter-attack, just like with Perfect Dodging.

 img3 enemy shield new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Take Advantage of Surprise Attacks

In this game, it is best to use stealth tactics when approaching large groups of enemies, as they often have the upper hand in terms of numbers. Sneaking allows you to take out enemies without alerting others in the area. If you approach an enemy from behind or while they are sleeping, you can execute a powerful "Surprise Attack" by pressing the Y button, which deals significant damage. To reduce the chances of being detected, crouching while approaching an enemy is advisable. Or hiding behind obstacles or structures around the combat area. Additionally, if you use a crouch leap, you can move quickly while making less noise.

img20 battle trap new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Basics of Ranged Combat

Aside from Link's melee weapons, employing the Bow to take down unsuspecting enemies can be highly beneficial when clearing out enemies. It is easier to eliminate them one by one or initiate an attack by targeting an explosive barrel or a bee hive within the enemy's proximity. Players can activate a focus state that transforms their surroundings in a slow-motion state by jumping and aiming with their bow or by jumping off their horse. When using the bow, aiming for the head is the most effective strategy, as it can instantly kill a weak enemy. It is important to note that there are different types of bow ammunition that can be utilized in various situations. One of the concerns of using a bow is its limited ammunition hence, make every shot counts as arrows may rarely come.

img17 battle bow2 new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Keep Link Healthy

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, your health is represented by Hearts, with the number of Hearts indicating your current HP. If you're close to running out of Hearts during combat, you can restore them by consuming a suitable meal from your inventory. It is crucial to have an adequate supply of food at all times to replenish your health in challenging combat situations.





heart containers image zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Weapon's Durability

It's essential to keep in mind that each time you use a weapon to attack, its durability will decrease gradually. When the durability of the currently equipped weapon drops to zero, it will break and can no longer be utilized.

img7 master sword new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Take Advantage of the Lock-On System

Pressing the ZL button in close proximity to an enemy will cause Link to lock onto it. By focusing on an enemy, you can circle around it, making it easier to defend, dodge, and deal damage. It is important to maintain your concentration on your opponent for maximum effectiveness in combat.

img4 enemy bow new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide



 Melee Weapons Types in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are multiple melee weapon types available, including One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, and Spears. Each type has its unique strengths and weaknesses, so it is essential to determine which weapon best suits your playstyle as it can differ from one player to another.

 img26 battle mastersword closeup new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guideimg6 battle shield new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guideimg9 horse battle new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

One-Handed Weapons

The basic and beginner-friendly types. Boasting mid-level attack power and speed with a decent range. The advantages and disadvantages:

  • Moderate level of attack power and speed.
  • Moderate attack range.
  • Capable of equipping shields.
  • Can do Rotating Slash Attacks.

Two-Handed Weapons

Favorable for advanced users. Boast high attack power but the slowest attack speed. Having high risk due to its attack speed, however, can dish out high damage leading to a rewarding experience.

  • Highest Attack Power.
  • Slowest Attack Speed.
  • Broad Attack Range.
  • Can hit multiple targets.
  • Can stagger enemy shields.
  • Can cut down trees with ease.

Spear Weapons

These weapon types boast the highest attack speed among the three. but has the lower attack power on the other hand. Its speed and long reach compensate for its lack of power.

  • Lowest Attack Power.
  • Highest Attack Speed.
  • Longest Attack Range or Reach.
  • Can stagger enemies when attacking.



Exploration Guide in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Now that we provided a brief overview of how combat works, this section will be focusing on exploration. The Kingdom of Hyrule is vast, full of secrets, and filled with eye-whopping landscapes. Exploring Hyrule is one of the greatest activities that a player can do. That being said, its beauty is no question but learning how to traverse these lands should be prioritized as well. Prepare to overcome dangerous slopes, mountain heights, deep rivers, and even the sky. We've come up with the basic tips and guides for you to be prepared and head out to the unknown.

img19 exploration openfieldsglider new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guideimg13 exploration openfields new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guideimg27 exploration hanging new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Be Mindful of Your Stamina

Ascending a cliff can be accelerated by leaping, but it will drain a portion of your Stamina Gauge. Alternatively, you can climb steadily to conserve your Stamina Gauge. Note that if deplete your Stamina, Link will lose his grip and fall. This is a no minor issue as it can cost Link's life especially when climbing a mountain with great heights. Not only it will be a waste of time reloading your progress but you will have to climb again. Planning carefully your routes is one of the advantages when exploring.

Pay Attention To The Current Weather

The lands are perilous indeed and so is the Weather in Hyrule. Extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures and low temperatures can impact Link's well-being. It is recommended to equip armor that can resist or minimize weather effects, or provide food and medicine, before embarking on an exploration in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This will help you endure harsh weather conditions and keep you healthy during long journeys. We have dedicated a section of its own for a detailed guide on how to tackle these Weather Conditions.

Subduing Insects and Horses In The Field

If Link tries to chase after a horse or an insect, they will quickly flee. However, you can sneak up on them by crouching and approaching from behind. Another option is to capture horses by leaping towards them with a parasail or by hiding in the grass to avoid detection.

More Rupees, More Fun

One way to earn rupees in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to sell materials and gems at stores. These items can be obtained by breaking rocks, uncovering treasure boxes, or defeating Iwaroks. While you can also use these materials and gems to upgrade your armor, selling any surplus can earn you valuable rupees.

The Adventure Log is Your Friend

If you are uncertain about what to do next in the game, you can consult your "Adventure Log" for guidance. To access the menu, press the - Button, and to view the Adventure Log, press the L Button. The log contains useful information for you to formulate your next course of action.



Weather Guide in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Adapting to the Weather is crucial in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. As a new player, it is a must to learn how to tackle weather conditions. We prepared this section due to its depth. Weather conditions can be detrimental to Link's life, an example is when a thunderstorm comes, Link can be hit by lightning if wearing metal armor pieces. Or when trying to cross a vast expanse under snowy weather, having poor visibility is one of the biggest hurdles that this weather inflicts. Here are the weather conditions that we know so far along with their common effects.


Weather Effects
Sunny None
Cloudy None

- Effects are the same during rainy weather.

- If you're wearing metal armor, you may be at risk of being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm.


- It can be difficult to spot monsters and animals.

- The slippery surface can make it challenging to climb cliffs.

- Flame and bomb arrows lose their special properties and become regular arrows.

Snowy - The visibility is poor. Exploration may be challenging.

More Weather Tips That You Should Know

Weather Conditions Can Affect Creatures

In the game, weather conditions also have an impact on the spawn rates of creatures. For example, certain fish only appear during specific weather conditions, and some insects tend to spawn more frequently under certain weather conditions. This is crucial if you are hunting specific creatures for a certain loot. You may need to cycle through the weather to achieve this goal. 

Weather Patterns Varies

In the game, the weather patterns vary depending on the location. Some weather conditions may not occur in certain areas of the game. For instance, since the Gerudo Wasteland is a desert, there is no rainy weather in that area.

img11 weather heat new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guideimg10 weather snow new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guideimg23 weather thunder new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Changing The Weather

To change the weather quickly in the game, you can sleep at home or an inn, or wait by a bonfire to pass the time. Weather patterns change every three in-game hours or three real-time minutes. If you don't have access to a bed or a campfire, you can simply wait for a few minutes, and the weather will eventually change on its own.

Predicting the Weather

In the game, you can monitor the weather forecast for upcoming time periods in the bottom right corner of the screen. It's a good idea to check the forecast regularly to help anticipate and prepare for changes in weather conditions.

Dealing With Cold Weather

Exploring under Snowy weather, Link may suffer from a Cold Status Effect. To counter the negative effects of cold weather in the game, you can wear armor that provides a "Cold Resistance" effect. Certain armor sets have this effect built into them, making them helpful for cold weather conditions. You can find a variety of armor sets in the armor shops located throughout different villages in the game, so it's worth checking them out to see what is available. Additionally, some armor sets offer other useful effects that can assist in combat or exploration, so it's good to consider these as well.

On the other hand, to treat the effects of cold weather in the game, you can consume medicine or food that grants a "Cold Resistance" effect. It's important to note that this effect only lasts for a limited amount of time. Below is a list of consumable items that can be used to treat and resist the effects of cold weather. If the player does not treat the said status, here are the possible effects.

Detrimental Effects of Cold

  • Link can suffer from continuous damage.
  • Bodies of water can greatly hasten the said damage over time.

Dealing With Heat

The same thing with Cold status effects,  Link can suffer a Heat status effect. Wearing armor with a Heat Resistance effect can help to reduce the effects of heat. Certain armors come with embedded effects that can help to counteract negative effects. Armor shops in villages offer various types of armor, so it's worth checking them out to see what's available. Be reminded that items or food can play a big part in this as you can also deal with heat by consuming these items to battle the heat.  Heat Status effects are usually encountered in places where never rains such as Gerudo Wasteland. This location is situated in the far Southwestern region of Hyrule, characterized by scorching hot weather during the day and freezing temperatures at night, creating a hot and dusty environment.

Detrimental Effects of Heat

The player can suffer from continuous damage as well.

Dealing With Thunderstorms

As mentioned before, during a thunderstorm, wearing metal armor could increase the risk of being struck by lightning. Note that the damage from lightning strikes is threatening as it can incapacitate Link in an instant. that As soon as one observes a thunderstorm, quickly change your attire to non-metal ones. This will instantly solve the concern. This is a fine example that players should always prepare different sets to wear when the need arise to adapt effectively against these weathers.

lightning1 zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide




More Beginner Tips In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Now that we have covered most of the basics, we decided to provide a general checklist and useful tips for new players of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, along with some general advice to make the game more accessible. All of these are just basic routines in the game but a must to learn.

Maintain Link's Health At Maximum

Ensure that Link's health is at 100% by keeping his heart containers full. At the start of the game, Link has three heart containers that can withstand non-attribute attacks. However, a powerful attribute attack can instantly deplete them, resulting in Link's defeat. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain at least three hearts in the early stages to avoid unexpected death.

img29 battle combomelee new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Know the Significance of Sound

Making noise can alert enemies and cause nearby creatures to flee, making it difficult to take down enemies. To avoid this, try to move quietly by walking slowly or crouching to minimize noise. The sound level is indicated by a purple wave in the lower right corner of the screen.

 img2 enemytrio new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Keep collecting ingredients

Making noise can alert enemies and cause nearby creatures to flee, making it difficult to take down enemies. To avoid this, try to move quietly by walking slowly or crouching to minimize noise. The sound level is indicated by a purple wave in the lower right corner of the screen.

img28 exploration yellowplains new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Be careful When Mixing Ingredients

Be aware that when cooking ingredients with different effects, such as "Stamina Gauge Recovery" and "Heat Resistance Effect," the effects may cancel out.


img22 exploration redmoon new player help zelda tears of the kingdom wiki guide

Pinning Locations

By setting a pin on a location you intend to visit, it becomes a landmark that you can easily find later. Therefore, it is advisable to set a pin on your destination before starting to move towards it.

Tracking The Weather

Weather changes such as lightning, heat, and cold can have a negative impact on Link's health and cause his HP to decrease if precautions are not taken. Tracking the next weather is beneficial for you.

Mastering The Basics of Combat

Mastering the art of dodging and guarding can give you an upper hand in battles, allowing you to deal significant damage, create openings, and even deflect projectiles. It's crucial to have good timing when evading and guarding, so it's essential to practice regularly.



New Features In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Weapon Creation & Enhancement

A new feature coming in Tears of the Kingdom is Item Fusion. This new ability allows Link to fuse two Items picked up from the ground together in order to make a makeshift weapon. In the latest gameplay trailer, Tears of the Kingdom Producer, Eiji Aonuma, showed how a Stick with low durability could be made into a durable and more powerful hammer by fusing a large Boulder on top of it

fusion mechanic homepage loz tears of the kingdom wiki guide 400px

This new mechanic is not limited to only picked-up items, but can also be applied to Weapons and Arrows. Weapons can gain new functionality by combining them with another Item. In the gameplay trailer, a long Stick was added to the haft of a pitchfork to add a significant amount of range to the weapon. Items in your inventory can also be fused onto Arrows to give them special effects, ranging from freezing effects to homing. This section will be updated once more is known about the skill Fusion.

Building Structures with Ultrahand

Another new feature to look forward to is Ultrahand. This ability allows Link to stick multiple Items found on the ground together to create various structures, vehicles, and other devices. The latest gameplay trailer featured Eiji Aonuma creating a basic raft using three Logs and two Fans to get across a wide river.

ultrahand mechanic homepage loz tears of the kingdom wiki guide 400px

It was also mentioned that many vehicles featured in previous trailers, such as the hot air balloon and hovercraft, were in fact made using Ultrahand. Expect to find multiple different components with various uses scattered around the world of Hyrule. Players will not only be able to create vehicles as demonstrated in the game's trailers, but miscellaneous devices and structures that will help them traverse the lands and defeat enemies. This section will be updated once more is known about the skill Ultrahand.

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