Towers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are unique Locations key to unlocking sections of the Map. Each of these towering structures consists of different mini-puzzles or requirements that Link must successfully complete in order to unlock the tower. In Zelda TotK, there are 15 Towers that players can find, and upon activating and using the tower's launch pad to scan a section of the map, it also updates the correlated section of the Sky Map, if you want to find out how to unlock and complete the Depths Map in Zelda TotK, please visit our Lightroots page. This page lists all the Towers in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How do I unlock Towers in Zelda TotK?

To unlock towers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom requires the player to progress through the game's main campaign. After you complete the Prologue and the initial exploration on the Sky Island, you'll receive the quest: To the Kingdom of Hyrule. During this quest, you'll rendezvous with Purah at Lookout Landing and she'll instruct you to find Captain Hoz, and when you do, you'll have to report back to her and she'll explain how Towers work. The first tower that you will unlock is the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower where you'll learn how to activate it and to use the launch pad — you will also receive the Paraglider from Purah.

How do Towers work in Zelda TotK?

Towers in Zelda TotK have multiple functions, upon solving light puzzles or by repairing a broken or dysfunctional tower, you will first need to use the Purah Pad to activate the tower. Upon activating it:

  • The tower will now be marked on the map and can be used as a travel point for Fast Travel.
  • Use the launch pad to scan the surrounding area of the tower, this reveals a part or section of the Surface and Sky map.


All Towers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom





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