Secrets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom encompass a wide range of hidden elements, treasures, collectibles, and mysteries that await discovery throughout the game. Some mechanics aren't as directly or straightforwardly explained, and so these Secrets add an extra layer of exploration and reward players who delve deeper into the world of Hyrule. Exploring and unraveling the Secrets in the game is a rewarding endeavor that uncovers hidden treasures, enhances Link's abilities, and reveals the rich tapestry of the game's world. Whether it's locating hidden locations, solving puzzles, completing side quests, collecting rare items, or uncovering hidden stories, secrets add depth and excitement to the player's journey throughout Hyrule.

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All Secrets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom:

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Breakable Walls in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom pertain to obstacles in the game that can be destroyed by bludgeoning or crushing-type weapons, explosive arrows or bomb-type equipment, or Yunobo’s ability. They usually give way to key paths in certain locations or rooms filled with different Materials or chests with valuable Equipment.

  • Current Total: 108
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Bubbul Gems


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Bubbul Gems in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are enigmatic crystals that possess a mesmerizing and eerie blue glow, making them highly enticing to collectors. These captivating treasures can be obtained by facing the formidable Bubbulfrogs, which are found deep within caves. Bubbulfrogs are unique creatures resembling enlarged frogs and are known for their distinct body patterns. Bubbulfrogs can sometimes be hidden or camouflaged within the environment. If you are unable to find a Bubbulfrog, try breaking apart rocks or searching hidden alcoves, as most caves or similar areas will have at least one Bubbul Gem to collect. They can then be turned over to a character named Koltin in exchange for valuable items like the Mystic Armor Set, as well as other slightly more niche rewards, such as the Bokoblin Mask. Players must first complete the Side Adventure The Hunt for Bubbul Gems in order to access the rewards Kotlin offers.

  • Current Total: N/A
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depths entrance zelda totk wiki guide




Chasms in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom play a crucial role in connecting the surface world of Hyrule to the mysterious Depths below. Chasms are deep crevices scattered throughout Hyrule's landscape, serving as primary entry points into the underground realm. These Chasms are easily identifiable by the presence of red and black liquid known as the Gloom oozing from their openings.

  • Current Total: 35
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Crystallized Charges in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are precious fragments of condensed crystal that harness the potent energy of Zonai charges derived from Zonaite. These fragments offer great potential for enhancing Energy Cells, unlocking new levels of power and efficiency for Link's devices. To further enhance your Energy Cell, you can trade 100 Crystallized Charges with the Steward Construct located outside Nachoyah Shrine on the Great Sky Island. In exchange for these charges, the Steward Construct will grant you an Energy Well. The Energy Well is a valuable upgrade that increases the capacity of Link's Energy Cell, providing more power to Zonai Devices and reducing the frequency of using Zonai Charges. To access the area where the Steward Construct resides, ensure that you have completed the Main Quest The Closed Door and acquired the Recall ability from the Temple of Time. With a higher capacity Energy Cell and the aid of Energy Wells, Link can utilize Zonai Devices more efficiently and tackle challenges with increased power.


Dragon's Tears

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Dragon's Tears in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom play a significant role in uncovering the game's narrative and unlocking memories of past events. These tears are memories that can be collected as part of the Dragon's Tears Main Quest, which begins after the quest Impa and the Geoglyphs. Out of the total of 18 memories that can be collected through completing Main Quests, 12 of them are comprised of Dragon's Tears. Throughout the game's world, players can encounter 11 Geoglyphs, which are important locations to locate and interact with in order to find the Dragon's Tears. To collect Dragon Tear memories, players need to locate a pool within a Geoglyph. Having an aerial view of the Geoglyph can help in identifying the pool more easily. By examining the pools, players gain access to visions of Princess Zelda, represented as short clips, which are collected and stored as Memories that can be replayed at any time from the Adventure Log. Collecting all the Dragon Tear memories is vital for understanding the game's narrative and provides context to the events unfolding in the game, and for later on obtaining the Master Sword.

  • Current Total:12
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Goddess Statues in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are large stone figures carved in the likeness of the Goddess Hylia, a revered deity in the land of Hyrule. These statues serve as significant landmarks scattered throughout various locations in the game world and offer Link the primary purpose of assisting him in improving his main attributes, namely his Health and Stamina. To access these upgrades, you must first acquire Lights of Blessing by completing Shrines. These Shrines are also scattered across Hyrule and present complex puzzles that test Link's skills and abilities. Gathering four Lights of Blessing allows you to exchange them at any Goddess Statue. The statue then offers you a choice between two permanent upgrades: a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel.

  • Current Total: 4
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Great Fairies in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom serve as merchant-like NPCs responsible for upgrading Link's Armor. These powerful beings are appointed as guardians of different regions in Hyrule. However, their aid must be earned through various side adventures involving the musical troupe, The Stable Trotters. These quests can be initiated after becoming a reporter for the Lucky Clover Gazette near the entrance to Rito Village in the Hebra region. By meeting The Stable Trotters at the Woodland Stable and embarking on the Side Adventure Serenade to a Great Fairy, players can unlock the first fairy, Tera. Once awakened, the Great Fairies can enhance Link's Armor by increasing its Defense Rating and unlocking Set Bonuses. Armor pieces can be upgraded up to four times, and the number of upgrade tiers available depends on the number of fairies that have been unlocked. Upgrading Armor requires various materials and rupees, with the cost increasing for higher upgrade levels. The order in which the other fairies are unlocked after Tera does not matter, allowing players to tackle each of the Great Fairies and their related Side Adventures in any order.

  • Current Total:
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Hudson Signs


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Hudson Signs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom offer players a unique side activity and puzzle to undertake. These signs involve assisting Addison, a construction worker from the Hudson Construction Company, in erecting signs throughout the vast land of Hyrule. The objective of Hudson Signs is to utilize Link's Ultrahand ability and the available construction materials to create a stable support structure for each sign. Each sign presents a different challenge, with varying types and quantities of construction materials at each location. Players must carefully consider the materials and their placement to ensure the sign remains upright. Upon successfully constructing a stable support structure, Addison rewards Link with useful Items and resources. These rewards can include Rupees, meals, and rare Materials that aid in Link's journey.

  • Current Total: 81
  • Click here for an in-depth guide on Hudson Signs and where to find them


Korok Seeds


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Korok Seeds in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom play a significant role and function similarly to their appearance in Breath of the Wild. These small seeds can be found hidden throughout the vast landscape of Hyrule, both in the Sky and on the Surface. To collect each Korok Seed, players must solve small puzzles presented by the mischievous Koroks. The puzzles can range from simple tasks such as lifting rocks to more complex challenges like carrying a Korok to a specific location. While many of the puzzle types return from Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom introduces new puzzle variations, adding fresh challenges for players. Korok Seeds serve as upgrade items to increase Link's inventory space, by giving Korok Seeds to Hestu, the character who facilitates inventory expansions.

  • Current Total: 1000
  • Click here for an in-depth guide on Korok Seeds and where to find them


Lights of Blessing

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Lights of Blessing in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are radiant crystals that possess a luminous glow capable of dispelling ancient malevolence and purifying with its divine radiance. As you explore the vast lands of Hyrule, you will come across numerous Shrines scattered throughout the surface and skies. These Shrines are recognizable by their large rock-like structures emitting a mystical blue and green swirl from the top. Each Shrine presents a unique challenge or puzzle for you to overcome. Upon successfully completing a Shrine, you will be rewarded with a Light of Blessing for your efforts. By gathering a total of four Lights of Blessings, you gain the opportunity to exchange them at Goddess Statues also located throughout Hyrule for either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel, both of which enhance Link's capabilities.




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Lightroots in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom play a significant role in navigating the Depths, an underground world beneath the surface of Hyrule. These massive tree roots originate from the Surface and extend down to the Depths, providing a source of light in the otherwise dark environment. There are a total of 120 Lightroots to be discovered and activated in the game, which is the same as the number of Shrines on the Surface, emphasizing the Depths as being a dark mirror of the surface world. Unlike Shrines however, Lightroots do not offer challenging puzzles or enemies with rewards for completion. Instead, they serve as a tool to assist players in navigating the darker and more perilous version of Hyrule. Activating a Lightroot illuminates its immediate area, making it easier to explore the vast underground sections of the game. Additionally, they serve to drive back the effects of the Gloom, an ominous presence in the Depths.

  • Current Total: 120
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Poes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are radiant spirit orbs of mysterious energy that can be discovered scattered throughout the ethereal depths that hold great value, although their true nature remains enigmatic. When exploring the Depths, you have the opportunity to collect large quantities of Poes in groups. To make the most of your Poes, head to a Bargainer Statue, the first of which is located at Lookout Landing near Robbie, where you can exchange the Poes you've collected for various magic-themed items and equipment including the coveted Depths Armor Set. Trading in a higher number of Poes will unlock the locations of five additional Bargainer Statues scattered throughout the depths that will have wares to trade for Poes. These statues are shaped like bizarrely buff, hooded beings. Some Bargainer Statues may have buried bodies, with only their pointy, hooded heads visible.

  • Current Total: N/A
  • Click here for an in-depth guide on Poes and where to find them


Sage's Wills

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Sage's Wills in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are important key items that play a significant role in the game's progression and enhance the abilities of Sage Avatars. These sacred relics hold the testament of past Sages' unwavering determination. To unlock the power of the Sage's Wills, players must collect four of these relics and present them at a revered Goddess Statue. Doing so strengthens the bond between Link and the Sages, unveiling new depths of connection and unlocking further abilities. Sage's Wills can be obtained from chests found on different islands in the sky, which are often located in challenging or hard-to-reach places. These chests may also be guarded by powerful enemies, like King Gleeoks, adding an additional level of difficulty to acquiring them.

  • Current Total: 20
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Wells in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are small openings on the ground that are scattered across the surface of Hyrule and hold small pockets of underground mystery. With a total of 58 wells to discover, these locations offer chests, resources, and sometimes enemies, making them worth exploring. Exploring the Wells not only yields valuable Items but also presents an opportunity to earn rupees through the Side Quest Where Are the Wells. This quest involves finding an NPC named Fera, who has a fondness for wells located near stables. Fera can be found in different well locations, such as the South Akkala Stable Well or the Wetland Stable Well.

  • Current Total: 58
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