Weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are pieces of offensive Equipment that are used by the player's character to inflict damage to Enemies and Bosses in Combat. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features the same categories of weapons ranging from One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Spears, and Bows. A weapon mechanic returns from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the weapon durability, which means that you can only use your weapon of choice for a number of hits before it breaks (dealing double damage).

You will have access to a diverse set of weapons in this game, but unfortunately, you won't be able to keep most of them indefinitely as using them would chip off their health. The same mechanic applies to all weapons (except the Master Sword). Once a weapon's durability is brought down to zero, the weapon will be destroyed rendering it useless. Luckily, Weapons aren't scarce in this game, you can find them in chests, within jars, by destroying grass, or even stealing your opponent's weapon.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces a new feature: Weapon Upgrades where you can restore a weapon's durability while upgrading its modifier at the same time. This involves hunting down a Rock Octorok, which also returns from Breath of the Wild, to give a new sparkly feature that will let you keep your favorite weapons forever! This page covers a list of all available Weapons for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.



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Weapon Fusing Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

What is Weapon Fusing?

Tears of the Kingdom adds a unique fusion feature that adds to the types of equipment pieces that can now be made by fusing different objects. With the ability to Fuse Materials or other found Items to Link’s current weapon, shield, or arrow to increase durability, damage, or even add a new effect. Players are encouraged to experiment with lots of different combinations to come up with surprising—and sometimes hilarious—results! This can sometimes add elemental effects to different equipment pieces. This also applies to Bows and Arrows. This will then form a new type of weapon which will reflect on the item's name in the inventory. For example, fusing a Wooden stick + Sturdy Wooden Stick will give you a Sturdy-Stick Stick. This fused weapon will display each individual stats and their new stat as a fused item which can be viewed from your weapons inventory. The Fuse ability opens up more options for experimenting and exploring when it comes to weapon choices!

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How to Fuse Weapons

With Fuse as a new ability, players can choose any materials to fuse. Melee weapons can be fused with any encountered object like a boulder, stick, or even a Mine Card. You will first need an item that can be used as either a weapon or shield. Equip the object you want to fuse and activate the Ability. You can then select what item you wish to fuse with your weapon. Items fused to equipment are detachable via your inventory.  To undo a fused weapon, open Inventory and select the weapon. You will have the option to 'Destroy the Fused Material.' 

What Happens When You Destroy the Fused Material?

Once you select to destroy a fused Equipment piece,  this will only destroy the attached Material, but you will still have your original weapon. If your weapon was badly damaged prior to the Fuse, then this will return your original weapon to its badly damaged shape. 

What Materials can you Fuse? 

When it comes to Fuse, the only thing that you have to remember is that: You can use anything. When we say anything, it's literally anything that you can gather. Materials that can be fused with Weapons have numerous possibilities, expanding the unique options of each weapon. With the Fuse ability, weapons can now be made up of not just the basic materials such as wood, stone, and metal or contain special elemental effects such as shock, ice, or fire, but now extends to a new set of effects with the addition of natural materials and Monster parts. For example, a Chuchu Jelly can now add elemental abilities to weapons. Even a Keese Eyeball can add homing Abilities when fused with arrows. With the introduction of this new ability, the possibilities and combinations of materials are endless, expanding the effects of each weapon as well. 

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Weapon Mechanics Overview Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Weapon Stats and Modifiers

Different Weapons and their Modifiers are usually randomized and can be duplicated. It is also possible to obtain more than one of the same type of weapon, and each weapon will take up its own slot in the inventory. Despite being the same type of weapon, it is possible to have different Modifiers on them. The weapon stats will be displayed on the lower right corner of the weapon when viewing from the inventory. Weapons with Modifiers will have an extra label stating what the modifier is. In the example below, you will see One-Handed Weapons of different types having different modifiers, and different stats. An icon for the modifier will also be displayed at the top left corner of the inventory menu screen. These weapons with modifiers will also have a sparkle to them so that players can identify them even on the ground.

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Weapon Materials in Tears of the Kingdom

Besides Weapons that are infused with an extra elemental charge, players exploring the game will encounter weapons made of different basic Materials such as Wood, Bone, Stone, or Metal. Not only that, but players can now form and Fuse weapons with different foraged or Monster Materials so it will be important to know how the environment will react and affect them when they are equipped.  Wood items are vulnerable to fire and can be lit to act as a torch. Light Materials such as wood and bone will also have the ability to float in water, unlike other heavier materials that will sink. It's important to know how each Material type will react to environmental events such as storms & lightning. Equipping certain Armor pieces with elemental resistances could also help mitigate damages to Link. Aside from the regular elemental aspects and basic materials, the Fuse ability expands the possibilities of Weapons, allowing players to Fuse any Materials in their inventory.

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Weapons Slots and Inventory Upgrades TotK

Increasing your inventory size is possible in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, if you like collecting Armor sets or enjoy hunting for them, then you need to look for chances to expand your inventory size. To begin increasing your inventory size, you will need to look for Hestu, the fairy tree primarily in charge of expanding your inventory. Then, you will need to complete the quest 'The Priceless Maracas' to get the fairy tree on your side. After that, Hestu will accept Korok Seeds to increase your inventory size. The real catch is, you will need hundreds... and we mean it! You will really need hundreds of them if you want to max out your inventory. Check out our full guide on the locations of all Korok Seeds for more info.

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Do Weapons Break in Tears of the Kingdom?

Weapon durability will be a returning feature from Breath of the Wild. Aside from the Master Sword and Armor Equipment, all other weapon equipment will inevitably break upon use. Durability in the game does not have a visible stat that can be measured as the weapon wears down. Instead, the item will alert you with a notice on the screen letting you know that your weapon is badly damaged. Players can then prepare to swap out their weapons as they expect their current weapon to soon break upon one of the next few attacks. A badly damaged weapon in the game will also pulsate in red. However, if you hit an opponent by breaking your weapon with it, the attack will deal 2x damage with a critical hit. 

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Can you Repair your Weapon TotK?

Weapons & Shields repair is finally here! Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has introduced a new feature that will allow players to repair their Weapons' durability. There's no catch here, just a lot of air-sucking. If you have played the predecessor game, then you are probably familiar with Octoroks. If you're new though, well, that's okay. We are sure that you will love these little guys that you will meet in the Volcanic Mountains of Hyrule. To be specific, the Rock Octorok. They are returning in Zelda: TotK, with a new sparkly feature! All you have to do is locate one, drop the Equipment that you would like to get repaired and move away from it. After a few seconds, watch the Rock Octorok turn sparkly, and then wait for it to throw the weapon in your direction. Once you pick it up, you will see the Weapon in your inventory back to its full glory with a brand-new & improved modifier added to it. Check out the Upgrades page for more detailed info on how upgrading Weapons works.

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Upgrading Equipment TotK

Weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are not upgradable equipment, except for its modifiers. In order to improve damage output, players will need to explore, Fuse different items, locate chests, and obtain new weapons with existing higher stats. Armor, however, can be upgraded by locating the Great Fairies locations, and by providing the requested amount of Rupees and corresponding Materials. By doing this, your armor can get certain effects when pieces are upgraded to at least ★★ 2 Star up to ★★★★ 4 Star. Some Armor sets also provide a set effect when all 3 pieces are worn together. To begin upgrading your Equipment, check out this guide on Upgrades here.

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Equipment Types Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

What kind of Weapons are available in Tears of the Kingdom

Weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom encompass a number of equipment types. Basic obtainable weapons include Bats, Hammers, Clubs, Rods, Spears, Axes, and basic one-handed or two-handed swords. They have been sorted into One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Spears, and Bows and Arrows. However, most objects that can be picked up can be used in combat. Items like sticks, stones, leaves, or even monster parts can be used in combat for melee attacks or for rolling and throwing, or by Fusing them into an existing weapon. In Tears of the Kingdom, the weapon possibilities expand with the Fuse ability giving most objects the potential to become a weapon.

The introduction of this new ability encourages players to try new approaches and pick up all objects to experiment with their effects. Other items include elemental weapons and boomerangs. Depending on the type of object it is, other objects can work better with certain materials more appropriately than other types.

Other Equipment Pieces

To further increase your equipment effectiveness, ensure you have the right set of equipment selected or equipped. Players can choose from a combination of different Armor pieces either as a set or as an individual piece. Players can then also Equip Bows and Arrows, a Shield, and additionally some other accessories. It's also important to keep in mind the elemental effects, and how each Material reacts to the environment or monsters, to ensure the highest damage output for Weapons or the strongest resistance for Armor. Some Armor sets even have a status effect that grants Attack Up which gives Link a bonus attack damage. These equipment pieces will come in different levels affecting Link's attack level, defense, or elemental resistances.  See also: 

Choosing a Weapon in TotK

Because of each weapon's durability, players are encouraged to try different types of weapons. Regardless of player preference, it's smart to carry a selection of Weapons whenever you're out on an adventure due to the Durability mechanic present in-game. Picking up any weapon will display its description and attack rating. A higher attack rating will deal more damage. It is recommended to adjust your weapon to each combat encounter, ensuring you use lower-level weapons early game against more common enemies. It's also important to remember that Weapons in Zelda: TotK will have different elements and will react differently to certain factors, which may cause the weapons to deal more or lesser damage. 

Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom

The Master Sword is the classic recurring Weapon that can be encountered in most Zelda titles. It is Link's classic Iconic Weapon that usually requires Link to first locate it and then pull it out of a stone as a nod to Excalibur. The Master Sword is the only Weapon that does not have durability and will not break, however, it can lose power and will require a short recovery period while its power is exhausted. In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players can retrieve the Iconic Weapon by doing the main quest: 'Recovering the Hero's Sword'. Check out the guide for full details on how to get the iconic weapon, and uncover its whereabouts. 

The Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom will initially feature a different version of it, which is the Decayed Master Sword: The sword that seals the darkness. Its sacred power has been diminished after being ravaged by the gloom beneath Hyrule Castle. 

TotK Other Tools

Unconventional Weapons such as Korok Leaves, Monster Arms, and Branches can be equipped when going against different foes. You'd be surprised to know that anything picked up can actually be used as a Weapon. This is especially important early game when little to no Equipment parts are available. Some of these Items are natural objects that can be picked up from the ground around trees or by chopping down natural objects and trees. Other items such as various monster parts and arms can be picked up after a combat interaction. Even organic objects may have their own unique effects such as the large Korok Leaf that has the ability to create a gust of wind that can blow away nearby foes, which can also prove to be useful when steering boats on the water. Other useful weapons as tools include any sharp swords or axes that can be used to chop down trees and obtain Korok leaves, while other duller weapons may not affect large trees upon striking them. Elemental items will also be used as tools to interact with obstacles in the environment such as fire weapons for melting ice or creating fire to cause a draft in grass, or for cooking

Which Weapons Should I Carry? 

If you had the choice and inventory space, it is always good to also keep a low-level or common weapon at hand for when you encounter regular or common enemies such as Bokoblins. You can then easily swap out a more valuable weapon and save these weapons for facing more dire encounters. This way you prevent unnecessarily damaging higher-attack weapons and maintain their durability. You can carry a wide variety of weapons as long as you have the Inventory space for it (read our guide on Korok Seeds to expand your inventory). There is a wide-range of weapons available in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. See below the gallery of Weapons available. 



Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Weapons

Zelda TotK All One-Handed Weapons



Zelda TotK All Two-Handed Weapons



Zelda TotK All Spears and Halberds



Zelda TotK All Bows and Arrows



Zelda TotK All Shields

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