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Main Protagonist

Link in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the main protagonist and has been for the Legend of Zelda series. Link has appeared across all incarnations of the series and is usually depicted as a young man who becomes a legendary hero by saving the world. He is often the holder of the Triforce of Courage, chosen by the Goddess Hylia to protect the Kingdom of Hyrule. Link is typically seen wielding a Sword and Shield and is depicted as the brave hero and a symbol of courage who is always willing to protect Hyrule for the sake of others. This page covers relevant information regarding Link in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


Link. You are the light - our light - that must shine upon Hyrule once again. Now go. -Princess Zelda.

Link Information in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

See the Lore page to see contextual information about Link and the overall story of the game.

Link is the main protagonist in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a skilled Knight of Hyrule. He is the reincarnated soul of a hero, chosen by the goddess Hylia to protect the Kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon. He displays characteristics of a Hylian race, a human being with elfin features. He was introduced as the hero of the original The Legend of Zelda in 1986 and has appeared in a number of games and other spin-offs. Throughout the series, he's made multiple appearances in a variety of incarnations and has been rendered in both 2D and 3D, he's often depicted wearing a signature green cap while donning a tunic. Link has also appeared in other Nintendo media including merchandise and still is a prominent character in various spin-off games. He also appeared in entries of other game franchises including the Super Smash Bros. series and Mario Kart 8 to name a few.

Link often goes on different adventures in which he defeats evil monsters and explores the land and dungeons while encountering other people who will guide him in his exploration, and helping others along the way as well. He collects mystical items that will help him in his journey and eventually saves both Zelda and the world. Over the course of the series, he has appeared in a variety of ages and forms. He can be seen as a child or a young adult, he even appeared as a wolf in Twilight Princess

Link usually carries a sword and a shield, but he can also wield a variety of weapons. His signature weapon is the Master Sword, a magical sword that has the ability to repel evil, but as shown in the trailer, that sword is now broken. As we've seen in the trailer, Link is traveling inside a cavern with Zelda, Ganon also makes an appearance here as he is awakened. Link will obtain various items during his adventure, and the power channeled through his right arm will help him traverse and explore the world of Hyrule.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link will begin his journey on one of the many mysterious floating islands that suddenly appeared in the skies above Hyrule. It's where Link will have to gain new abilities before returning to the surface world.


Link Combat and Abilities in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A previous weapon mechanic, the weapon durability, will most likely return in the game where Link will have access to a diverse choice of weapons, but he won't be able to keep any of them indefinitely as using them will chip off the weapon's health slowly. The Master Sword is the only exception to this mechanic, but as shown in the trailer, the Master Sword is now broken. We can hope to see Link find a way to restore the Master Sword as players progress through the story.

Link can traverse and explore Hyrule in many ways, he can remotely detonate bombs to uncover secret rooms, freeze water to create stepping stones to reach certain areas and use an ability to stop boulders in time and deflect them in a certain direction. This should all be interconnected with the ability on his right arm.

You can visit Combat to learn more about the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game, and Skills to view some of the abilities you can unlock as you progress through the story.


Link's Ultrahand Ability in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Ultrahand is Link's new ability that allows him to get around by building a vehicle or some type of contraption from scratch. This introduces a new crafting/building mechanic not seen in previous Legend of Zelda installments. It allows Link to stick multiple items together to create a structure. Recent gameplay trailers have shown Link being able to craft various vehicles that can be used on land and water, and can even make those that can hover and maneuver in the sky. One of the recent trailers showed Link's ability to create a basic boat using three logs and two fans to get him across a wide lake.

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This ability won't just be able to help link create vehicles, but also other structures helpful in traversing the lands and defeating enemies. Since the Ultrahand also allows Link to move and pick up objects, you can use this ability to pick up objects and use it as a weapon for crowd control when you're being jumped by multiple enemies.


Link's Item Fusion in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A new skill introduced in the game is Item Fusion. This new ability allows Link to fuse objects to his current weapons, shield, or arrow increase durability, damage, or even add a new effect. He will also be able to create a new weapon from scratch by combining two items found on the ground (e.g. create a hammer from a stick and a boulder). He can combine an item on the ground with any of his weapons to add functionality (e.g. increase the range of a pitchfork by fusing it with a long stick) or fuse his arrows with items in his inventory to create special effects (e.g. combining arrows with eyeballs to create homing arrows). You can experiment with different combinations and come up with different variations of already existing objects/items in the game.

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Link's Ascend Ability in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Ascend adds a new layer to how Link can explore the world of Hyrule. This ability allows Link to pass through solid objects above him. He can rise up and pass through ceilings above him. You will have to aim this ability on the ceiling above you and once activated, Link will automatically rise up phase through the object above. This ability can be used as a shortcut and a way to traverse seemingly impossible locations, this will help Link travel a lot faster as with the previous installment, Link would have to climb up a hill or a mountain to get to the top, but now as long as you can go beneath it, you can simply use this ability and get at the top with ease.

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Link's Recall Ability in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Recall allows Link to rewind time and put certain objects in their previous state. Do note that time itself does not rewind, only the object that Link targets will rewind and everything else will remain as is. This ability allows Link to get around more easily in certain areas. If a giant boulder falls from the sky, Link can get on top of that boulder and use the recall ability to rewind the rock back up to where it used to fall. If a group of enemies decides to push a giant boulder down a hill toward you, you can use this ability to send the boulder back to the enemies. This ability has its limitations, there is a time limit to how long you can rewind time and once it's up, the object will resume its original trajectory.

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Link Character Information

Link Information 

Numerous incarnations of Link have appeared in most if not all titles in The Legend of Zelda series. Players will recognize his iconic green attire and his classic Shield and Sword. He is also known for his bravery and determination to restore the peace in Hyrule and rescue Princess Zelda if she is in need of rescuing during the game. Link is usually portrayed as a young Hylian boy who goes again great evil foes that threaten the kingdom. He also usually holds the Triforce of Courage. A few titles say that he is the chosen one and that his Master Sword chose him to fulfill the prophecies. 

As the story usually goes, Ganon can also be seen throughout the series spreading chaos and darkness throughout Hyrule. The Legend of Zelda had Princess Zelda split the Triforce of Wisdom after Ganon had managed to steal the Triforce of Power. The pieces were split into eight fragments spread through the dungeon on the map. Link is first introduced here when he saves Impa, Princess Zelda's nursemaid from Ganon's henchmen. After hearing about the Princess, he begins his adventure by hunting for the fragment pieces and eventually goes to save Princess Zelda. 

Many more similar adventures in other titles followed The Legend of Zelda. Ultimately Link pulls through and saves the day. Our titles sometimes introduce different characters and locations, but Link and Zelda continue to play central roles in the story. 


Link Character Appearance

Link Iconic Features

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Link classically wears his green tunic and is usually seen with a Sword and Shield, presumed to be the Master Sword that chose him. This outfit is usually completed with his brown boots and a green pointed hat, but he can also be seen without it. This bares some similarities to another existing character, Peter Pan. The creator of the series, Shigeru Miyamoto, had admitted to using the character as inspiration. One iconic feature of Link's is that he also sometimes bares the Triforce mark on his left hand which signifies that he has been chosen. 

When he is not engaging in combat, he is also depicted with various musical instruments such as harps, guitars, and his iconic ocarina. As for his personal appearance, Link is usually depicted with bright blond hair, but in other titles could appear brown. This is paired with his blue eyes. As a Hylian, like Princess Zelda he also has pointed elf-like ears, a classic Hylian feature. 


Link Graphic Evolutions 

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When it comes to the Zelda series, Link's character appearance underwent plenty of evolutions and changes that evolved with the graphic styles of the games as they progressed from 8-bit graphics in 1986. But the developers kept his overall appearances consistent until more recent titles when developers decided to expand on his armor and appearance options. 


Link Costumes

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In more recent titles, Link has been given a wider variety of costumes, armor, and accessories to wear. Breath of the Wild especially expanded his wardrobe, giving each of the set pieces their own stats, bonuses, and resistances. His main look for the Nintendo Switch adaptations of the game strayed from the classic green tunic in favor of a blue tunic instead. The game referred to this equipment piece as the Champion's Tunic giving the game its iconic and unique Link look. However, his classic green tunic was not completely excluded from the game and the could still be obtained as the Tunic of the Wild giving a nod to the old classic style with part of the description stating ' Wearing it just feels so right.'

With the pool of options and the classic new blue look, the game does not provide Link with any clothes at the start of the game and only eventually gains his first set of clothing and gradually expands his gear upon exploration.  


Link Personality

Link's appearances in different titles feature different incarnations of Link but each also showcases his characteristics as a hero, displaying his bravery, loyalty, humility, determination, and resilience to achieve his goals which usually include the defeat of a large opponent and rescuing Princess Zelda. Despite his great bravery, Link is usually depicted to be a quiet character. More of his character comes out during later titles when they introduce dynamic dialogue options. Because of his quiet nature, it is sometimes hard to properly read Link's personality, but it can be read through his minimal responses, actions, and in the way that characters around him describe. Princess Zelda herself said ' You have shown unflinching bravery and skill in the face of darkness and adversity.' 

Side quests and action options display his less serious side and allow him to do silly things in the midst of the chaos such as the way he interacts with different animals throughout the series. Twilight Princess allows you to hold and carry small critters while in Breath of the Wild, this feature is expanded and Link has the ability to interact and feed the dogs he encounters, sometimes even befriending them. Earlier titles have even featured Link prior to his hero duties acting a like a regular young boy who prefers to sleep in, eat, and sometimes fool around. 

Players can delve even more into Zelda's descriptions of him through Zelda's diary in Breath of the Wild which expresses her thoughts on Link's reserved nature and believes that behind the quiet facade is the weight of his responsibilities. It is believed then that Link puts on a brave face for those around him. 


Link Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Notes and Tips

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Link Gallery in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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