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This small seed was given to you by a Korok. It has a small distinct smell. If you gather a bunch of them, you never know what may happen... 

Korok Seeds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are collectibles from Koroks that can be returned to Hestu in exchange for an inventory upgrade which expands your inventory slots and will allow you to carry more Equipment. These upgrades could be distributed to either your Bows and Arrows, Weapons, or Shields. Koroks are children of the forest that usually reside within Korok Forest but can be located all around the map. They are usually hidden and players must perform a small task in order to reveal them. Locate a Korok, and they will give you a Korok Seed. The revealed location will then be marked on your map with a korok zelda totk wiki guide


Where can you find Korok Seeds Tears of the Kingdom? 

Players must locate the hidden Koroks in order to obtain a Korok Seed. They are scattered in all locations. Being in the vicinity of a Korok will release a jingling sound indicating that a Korok is nearby. A small task must then be done or solved in the area. This could be as simple as burning a pile of leaves, lifting a rock, or shooting a target. Some might involve some minor puzzle-solving. The Korok trials will tend to repeat themselves so some of the puzzles in different locations may be similar. 

Tips on Locating Hidden Koroks:

  • Listen to their hollow Jingle. Koroks in the area will make a rattling sound when they are in the area so pay attention as you explore each region and Location.
  • Aside from listening to their jingle, locate any area that looks interactive or out of place. If it looks suspicious, you might need to complete a simple task or play around in the area to reveal a Korok. This could look like a single rock on top of a statue or mountain, a strange pattern of rocks, or a random set of hurdles. 
  • Look out for the Korok Leaf symbol, the Yellow Flower, or Pinwheel. These are all visible signs of a nearby Korok. 
  • (Unconfirmed) An extra tip is to obtain the Korok Mask. This item is unconfirmed to return in Tears of the Kingdom. In Breath of the Wild, players could obtain the Korok Mask with the Master Trials DLC. The Korok mask is a Helm item. Equipping this mask will alert Link of any nearby Koroks by shaking. The return of this item in Tears of the Kingdom is yet to be revealed. 
  • For more help, refer to the list of all Korok locations or examples of Korok Puzzles below. 



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All Korok and Korok Seed Locations Tears of the Kingdom

Central Hyrule

Hyrule Field

Great Hyrule Forest

Hyrule Ridge


Death Mountain

Eldin Mountains

  • Southwest of the Isle of Rabac Gallert, also northwest of Goron City. [Map Link]
  • West Eldin, Northwest of Goronbi River Cave. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Eldin Canyon


Deep Akkala

Akkala Highlands


Lanayru Wetlands

Lanayru Great Spring

Mount Lanayru


Hateno Village

East Necluda

West Necluda


Faron Grasslands

Lake Hylia

Faron Sea

  • East of Komo Shoreline Cave and far east of Puffer Beach Overhead Cave near the Faron Sea. [Map Link]
  • Northwest of Mount Floria Cave #2. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Lurelin Village


Gerudo Desert

Gerudo Highlands


Hebra Mountains

Tabantha Frontier

Tabantha Tundra

Sky Regions

Akkala Sky

  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Central Hyrule Sky

  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Eldin Sky

  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Faron Sky

  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Gerudo Sky

  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Hebra Sky

  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Lanayru Sky

  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]

Necluda Sky

  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]
  • Location. [Map Link]


Types of Korok Puzzles

Backpack Korok

A newly added Korok puzzle that tasks players to rejoin a Korok with a large backpack with his friend. This usually requires building a mode of transportation. 

Dandelion Korok

Approach the dandelion and it will detach and fly up. Anticipate its landing and wait in the area as it lands. You will have a quick prompt to examine. If you miss it, you can try again. 


Yellow Flower Trail

Locating a Pinwheel flower is a sign of a nearby Korok. Approach the flower and it will disappear in a cloud of leaves. The flower would have shifted locations and you will need to find the next one. You should be able to see it from the initial flower's location. Follow the flowers and it will eventually lead to a Korok and a Korok Seed. 

Sparkling Trail

If you notice a mysterious sparkling glow that moves away as you approach it, this will be another Korok. You will need to find a way to catch up to the sparkling area or anticipate its path and cut it off and you will be able to interact with it by examining it. Quickly press 'A' to examine and a Korok will appear. Another variant of this is a version where the sparking spot does not move. Approach it to examine. 


Crater and Boulder

If you notice a seemingly perfect boulder-sized crater in an area, this might be a sign of a Korok. Look around for any nearby boulders and find a way to roll the large boulder into the crater. A Korok will then appear and give you a seed.  

Yellow Flower Cluster

These flowers will look like the pinwheel trials but will be found in groups. There will be 1 individual flower on its own and a group of two and three and so on. Approach the flowers to change their color. Walk into them in the order of their numbers starting with the flower on its own, then approach the group of two until all the flowers have changed. 


Shape Pattern of Stones

You might find a pattern of stones in the shape of a square, circle, or triangle. One stone may be missing. There will be a rock nearby. Find a way to carry the rock to complete the pattern

Circle of Stones

If there is a circle of stones and it is not missing any stones to complete the shape, you will need to locate a nearby stone and find a way to toss it into the center of the circle of stones. 


Target Practice

Bullseye targets are sometimes scattered around a small area. This could appear as flat targets or on hovering balloons. Clear them all with your Bow and Arrow to reveal a Korok.

Yellow Pinwheel

Approach any area with a yellow pinwheel. From here, you might see some flying acorns. Shoot them all to clear them and reveal the Korok. 


Korok Leaf Stump

You may come across a random stump with a lead symbol. This is a sign of a Korok. Stepping on them will reveal a ring. Reach the ring before the time is up to reveal a Korok. This may require using the glider. 

Lift a Stone

Sometimes Koroks hide under stones. Lifting a rock could reveal a Korok. 


Cube Formations

For this puzzle, you might find two sets of cube patterns. They will seem almost identical. One of them will be missing a piece. Locate the cube nearby and set it in place so that they are identical. 

Burning Leaves

Some piles of leaves seem out of place. Burn them to clear them with any fire or bomb power or weapon. If there is a Korok nearby, they will appear. 


Korok Seeds Notes & Tips

  • Korok Seeds TOTK Notes and Tips go here. 
  • Korok Seeds have always been described to have a small distinct smell because they are actually dung pieces. 
  • The contents of Hestu's Maracas are believed to be of Korok Seeds.
  • In Breath of the Wild, completing all 900 Korok seeds will reward you with Hestu's Gift which is a pile of dung. It is presented as a gift of friendship although it smells pretty bad. 

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