Horses are a type of companion in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Horses play a crucial role as transportation and companions for Link on his adventures. They are the main mounts in the game that allows players to cover the map much faster than on foot without using Link's Stamina. Players can utilize the horse-taming mechanic to acquire and control different Horses in the game, locate unique horses, register them at stables, customize them, and collect Pony Points for additional rewards. 



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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Horses Guide

Keep Your Breath of The Wild Horses

Horses are one of the only features that carry over from your previous Breath of the Wild saved game. These serve as the main mounts of Tears of the Kingdom as well. Access any Stable and you will be able to access all your registered horses from the Breath of the Wild saved game including the White Horse and The Giant Horse. 


Horse Stats TOTK

Horse stats are measured in Strength, Speed Stamina, Pull, and Temperament. Players will need to register a horse at a Stable in order to view a horse's stats once tamed adding one more stat in addition to the original set from Breath of the Wild, Pull, which measures your horse's capability to pull heavy objects such as building materials and wagons. Wild horses that are harder to tame will tend to have better stats. To optimize your horse's stats you can view the following tips:

  • You can temporarily increase your Horse's Stamina
  • Look for the Horse God for horse upgrades
  • Locate Unique horses by following horse-related quests such as The Horse Guard's Request & Zelda's Golden Horse

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How to Build a Stronger Bond with your Horse?

Creating a deep and meaningful bond with your horse is not only rewarding but also crucial for a successful partnership. If you're looking to enhance your connection and increase the obedience of your horse, here are some effective tips to consider:

  • Taming your horse starts with regular and gentle petting using the L-Button. By consistently showering your horse with affection, you'll notice the bond between you growing stronger
  • To regain control when your horse veers off course, stay composed and rely on the L-Button to gently redirect your horse in the intended direction. By combining petting with gentle guidance, you'll teach your horse to respond to your cues and develop greater obedience over time. 
  • Within stables, you have the opportunity to unlock an assortment of saddles, harnesses, and various enhancements for your horse. Acquiring these valuable rewards involves accumulating Pony Points through interactions with the receptionist at newly discovered stables and by making Rupee payments for overnight stays. Engaging in conversations and spending nights at stables will earn you Pony Points that can be exchanged for enhancements to improve your horse's performance and ensure its comfort. Simply consult the ledger found in any stable to access these remarkable rewards. 

Where to find Horses in Zelda TOTK?

Horses in Tears of the Kingdom are naturally found on plains and fields. The Hyrule Compendium states they are most common around Hyrule Field and Akkala Highlands. To find horses in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you'll need to make your way to the Passeri Greenbelt, located in Hyrule Field within Central Hyrule. Start at Lookout Landing: Begin your journey at Lookout Landing, the initial town you encounter on the surface-level map. Then leave Lookout Landing by passing through the south gate.

This will lead you out of the town and onto your next destination. Continue your path by heading south. Keep moving in this direction as you explore the captivating landscapes of Central Hyrule. As you venture further south, you will eventually come across the Passeri Greenbelt. This picturesque field, situated directly south of Lookout Landing, is where you will find the horses you seek.

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How to Catch Horses in Tears of the Kingdom?

Players can approach horses from behind while crouching to avoid being noticed. Once behind the horse, they can press the A button to mount it. Rapidly pressing the L button helps calm the horse. Once players gain control of the horse, they can call it whenever needed by registering it at a stable.  


Customizing Horses in TOTK

Players can customize their Horses with a selection of Bridles and Saddles once they are obtained. Players can even add a Towing Harness through customization in order to be able to easily attach any wagon or carrying device for transporting goods or objects. Players can customize their horse by speaking to any Stable keeper at the window and selecting 'Customize Horse.' See all Bridles and Harnesses

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Stable Guide Tears of the Kingdom

Stables in Tears of the Kingdom

Stables in Tears of the Kingdom have the same mechanics as the Stables seen in Breath of the Wild with the added Pony Point Feature. The Stable owner will man the three windows at the Stable. Approach him at the front to access all horse service, speak to him at the table directly behind to request for a bed at the inn, or redeem rewards with Pony Points at the counter with the book. For your Horse Stable options you will have the option to do the following: 

  • Register Horse
  • Take Horse
  • Board Horse
  • Customize Horse

You can store a total of 6 horses. This can be increased upon availing of enough Pony Points. From here, you can also view each of your horse's stats and how strong your Bond with each horse is. When customizing your horse, they will assist you with attaching different Saddles and Birdles or an extra Towing Harness upon request. 

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How to Register a Horse in Zelda TotK?

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, capturing a horse is just the beginning of your equestrian journey. To solidify your partnership and enjoy the benefits of having a loyal companion by your side, it is essential to register your horse at a stable:

  • Seek Out a Stable: Once you've successfully captured a horse that resonates with your adventurous spirit, it's time to make your way to a stable. These vital hubs can be easily located on the map by identifying the horse icon.
  • Approach the Receptionist: Upon arriving at the stable, locate the friendly receptionist who will guide you through the registration process. You have two options to initiate the conversation: dismount your horse and approach the receptionist on foot or utilize the convenience of ZR+A to interact with them while still mounted.
  • Register Your Horse: Engage in a conversation with the receptionist and select the dialogue option "Register Horse." This will initiate the registration process and unlock your horse's permanent status as your trusted companion. Feel free to take your time and familiarize yourself with the registration screen, where you can observe your horse's statistics and assess the strength of your bond with them.

Once you've registered your trusted steed at a stable, you gain the advantage of summoning your horse at any other stable across the game world.  


Stable Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Some names and locations of Stables have been modified in Tears of the Kingdom. Some even underwent a complete renovation and were converted into other establishments. There are 15 Stable Locations spread throughout the map. Below are all the new confirmed Stables in TOTK and their Locations on the map. Once they have been found, they will be marked on your map with a stable zelda totk wiki guide.


Pony Points in Tears of the Kingdom 

Stables now allow you to collect Pony Points upon the usage of the Stable's services. The first time you come across a Stable,you'll be given your Pony Points Card.

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You can check your cumulative points on the card at any time. It can be founding your Key Items inventory. These points are collective amongst all stables. Discovering and interacting with a new stable will also earn you 1 Pony Point. Earn enough Pony Points to be able to redeem rewards related to your Horse. 


All Pony Points Rewards

Name Pony Points
Towing Harness 3
Horse-God Fabric 5
Sleep At Malanya Bed 7
Register an Additional Horse 10
Traveler’s Saddle and Traveler’s Bridle 13
Mane-restyling Service 16
Register an Additional Horse 20
Knight's Saddle and Knight's Bridle 23
Extravagant Saddle and Extravagant Bridle 26
Register an Additional Horse 30
Register an Additional Horse 35
50% Off on All Stable Fees 40
Sleepover Ticket x5 45
Endura Carrot x3 50



All Stables in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

New Serenne Stable


Mini Stable


Snowfield Stable

Location: South Tabantha SnowfieldHebra [Map Location Link]

Quests: n/a

Points of Interest: Snowfield Stable Well


Tabantha Bridge Stable

Location: Tabantha Bridge, Hebra  [Map Location Link]

Quests: White Goats Gone Missing, Where Are the Wells?

Points of Interest: Tabantha Bridge Stable Well


Outskirt Stable

Location: Hyrule Field (Southwest), Central Hyrule [Map Location Link]

Quests: TBA

Points of Interest: Outskirt Stable Well, Great Fairy Fountain


Gerudo Canyon Stable

Location: Gerudo Desert GatewayGerudo [Map Location Link]

  • Quests: n/a
  • Points of Interest: Gerudo Canyon Well


Riverside Stable


Wetland Stable

Dueling Peaks Stable


South Akkala Stable


East Akkala Stable


Foothill Stable


Woodland Stable


Highland Stable


Lakeside Stable


All Horse Gear Tears of The Kingdom


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