Goddess Statues in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are large stone figures carved in the likeness of the Goddess Hylia, a deity worshipped throughout HyruleGoddess Statues can be found in several different locations and their main purpose is to help Link improve his main stats, namely his Health and Stamina. Scattered throughout the surface and skies of Hyrule are a large number of Shrines of Light, each of which hosts a complex puzzle that will test Link's skills and abilities. Completing each Shrine rewards Link with a Light of Blessing and every four such Lights obtained can be turned in at any Goddess Statue in order to obtain either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel. This page lists all Goddess Statues in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as well as their location and other relevant info.

  • See the Shrines page for a list of all Shrines of Light, their locations, as well as walkthroughs on how to complete them.
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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Goddess Statues Overview

goddess statue transparent zelda totk wiki guideGoddess Statues are a fairly common sight across Hyrule, but most are found on the surface. A Goddess Statue can be found in each of the major settlements such as Rito Village, Goron City, Zora's Domain, among others. This allows for easy access via fast travel, as each settlement also has a Shrine nearby.

There are also a number of Side Quests related to Goddess Statues, in particular the ones found at the Goddess Springs. These quests culminate in the restoration of the Mother Goddess Statue, the largest of them all, found in the Forgotten Temple. Check the following pages for details and guides on these quests:

Using Goddess Statues

The main function of Goddess Statues is to reward Link with either a Heart Container which increases his maximum number of Hearts and allowing him to take more damage before dying, or a Stamina Vessel, increasing his maximum Stamina and allowing him to perform more actions that utilize this resource before requiring a short rest such as sprinting, climbing and special attacks, among others. Each Heart Container grants one Heart and each Stamina Vessel increases a Stamina Wheel by 1/5 segments of the whole wheel.

goddess statues heart container zelda totk wiki guide

Link can obtain these upgrades by turning in 4 Lights of Blessing at any Goddess Statue. A Light of Blessing is awarded for the completion of each Shrine of Light, of which there are a total of 152. Link is free to choose which upgrade he wants when interacting with a statue, except for the very first one encountered at the Temple of Time near the beginning of the game which forces him to pick a Heart Container.

Link can obtain a maximum of 30 Hearts and 3 Full Stamina Wheels in Tears of the Kingdom. Goddess Statues are not the only source of upgrades, at least for Heart Containers, as some Quests and Bosses also award them.

Note that the statues involved in quests listed above may not initially offer the option of turning in Lights of Blessing for stat upgrades, but will do so once their associated quests are completed, allowing them to function like regular statues.

The Horned Statue & Respeccing

The Horned Statue from Breath of the Wild returns, providing Link with a means to respec his main stats. This demonic-looking statue is locked behind a hidden passageway in the Emergency Shelter underground bunker beneath Lookout Landing. To gain access to it, you must first progress through the Main Quests up to Regional Phenomena, a multi-part quest assigned by Purah. Complete at least one leg of this quest, including one of the associated Temples, then return to the Emergency Shelter and speak to Jerrin to begin the Who Goes There? quest. The small crawlspace in front of her should have now opened, leading to a bunch of rocks blocking the path. Destroy the first set of rocks you find and then the ones on the right to find a cell where the Horned Statue is waiting.

horned statue zelda totk wiki guide

The Horned Statue functions the same way as it did in Breath of the Wild. Link can surrender one of his essences, namely a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel to the statue. For each one he surrenders, he will receive 100 Rupees. Link can then continue surrendering essences or choose the "I want one back" option, which allows him to pick between a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel, essentially allowing him to trade Hearts for Stamina and vice versa. Note that each time you request for an essence back, you must pay the statue 120 Rupees. This technically means each stat costs 20 Rupees to respec.


All Goddess Statues in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

East Akkala Stable Goddess Statue

Location: Found in a hidden underground area under the well of the East Akkala Stable, past a breakable wall.

Coordinates: 4263, 2811, 0092

[Map Link]

Gerudo Town Goddess Statue

Location: Found in the southwest of Gerudo Town.

Coordinates: -3873, -2972, 0020

[Map Link]

Goron City Goddess Statue

Location: Found behind the easternmost building in Goron City in the Eldin Region.

Coordinates: 1722, 2456, 0380

[Map Link]

Hateno Village Goddess Statue

Location: Found in an alcove by the Mayor's House in Hateno Village. The Mayor's House is up on a hill in the east side of the village, next to the Inn.

Coordinates: 3439, -2098, 0117

[Map Link]

Kakariko Village Goddess Statue

Location: Found near the center of Kakariko Village, in a pond between the Armor Store and the Inn.

Coordinates: 1840, -0998, 0100

[Map Link]

Korok Forest Goddess Statue

Location: Found inside the Deku Tree at the center of the Korok Forest in the Great Hyrule Forest region.

Coordinates: 0416, 2180, 0140

[Map Link]

Link's House Goddess Statue

Location: Found inside Link's House to the southeast of Tarrey Town.


[Map Link]

Lookout Landing Goddess Statue

Location: Found in the emergency shelter underneath the Lookout Landing just south of Hyrule Castle.

Coordinates: -0242, 0086, -0004

[Map Link]

Lurelin Village Goddess Statue

Location: Found to the right of the Inn's entrance in Lurelin Village.

Coordinates: 2923, -3445, -0013

[Map Link]

Mother Goddess Statue (Forgotten Temple)

Location: This unusually large Goddess Statue is found inside the Forgotten Temple, found in the eastern tip of the canyon that separates the Hebra region from Central Hyrule. It is involved in the quest The Mother Goddess Statue.

Coordinates: -1058, 2698, -0098

[Map Link]

Rito Village Goddess Statue

Location: Found in Rito Village, near the bridge leading to the other plateaus.

Coordinates: -3610, 1805, 0167

[Map Link]

Spring of Courage Goddess Statue

Location: Located at the Spring of Courage to the east of Lake Hylia. This statue is involved in the Goddess Statue of Courage quest.

Coordinates: 0875, -2359, 0006

[Map Link]

Spring of Power Goddess Statue

Location: Located at the Spring of Power in the Akkala Highlands region. This statue is involved in the Goddess Statue of Power quest.

Coordinates: 3761, 2679, -0008

[Map Link]

Spring of Wisdom Goddess Statue

Location: Found at the Spring of Wisdom just below Mount Lanayru's peak. This statue is involved in the Goddess Statue of Wisdom quest.

Coordinates: 3911, -1328, 0456

[Map Link]

Tarrey Town Goddess Statue

Location: Found right at the center of Tarrey Town in the Akkala region.

Coordinates: 3966, 1611, 0115

[Map Link]

Temple of Time Goddess Statue

Location: Found in the Temple of Time in the Sky Islands. This is the first Goddess Statue you will encounter at the beginning of the game, forcing you to pick a Heart Container as an upgrade.

Coordinates: 0454, -0765, 1454

[Map Link]

Temple of Time Ruins Goddess Statue

Location: Found at the ruins of the Temple of Time on the surface.

Coordinates: -0822, -2034, 0106

[Map Link]

Zora's Domain Goddess Statue

Location: Found in the upper levels of Zora's Domain in the Lanayru Great Spring region. The statue is in front of a large staircase in the main hall.

Coordinates: 3317, 0504, 0137

[Map Link]


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