Locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom refers to the various areas that players can discover as they explore and progress through the game. In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Hyrule looks similar to what was seen in Breath of the Wild but in this game, the areas and locations have been expanded high above the ground. Floating islands and ruins can be seen from the clouds waiting to be discovered. This page covers a list of all locations that can be explored in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom All Locations

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The Kingdom of Hyrule, also known as Hyrule, the Land of the Gods. It is home to the many races that are scattered across the kingdom, each living in their own customs and beliefs.


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The Depths


Hyrule Surface Locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 

Surface Shrines shrine zelda totk wiki guide


Central Hyrule

Hyrule Field





















Hyrule Sky Locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom





The Depths Locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Depths are a vast underground system located beneath Hyrule, made up of caverns, chasms and mines. This massive network is almost entirely in the dark at first, making it very difficult to traverse. However, scattered across the underground map are Lightroots—glowing orange tree roots that Link can interact with to light up the surrounding area, and reveal more of the map. The Depths are also filled with rivers and pools of a hazardous substance called the Gloom. Stepping into the Gloom for too long will slowly lock away Link's available hearts, making him unable to recover them until he interacts with a Lightroot. The creatures and enemies that lurk within the Depths can also afflict Link with the Gloom.


Zelda TotK The Depths Temples


Zelda TotK The Depths Dungeons

  • The Depths Dungeon 1
  • The Depths Dungeon 2
  • The Depths Dungeon 3

Akkala Depths


  • Agihi-ihcoj Lightroot
  • Akinatanis Lightroot
  • Anonisik Lightroot
  • Kamatukis Lightroot
  • Kawikatisar Lightroot
  • Kawisar Lightroot
  • Kimimeg Lightroot
  • Sisinatag Lightroot
  • Ui-ihcoj Lightroot

Central Hyrule Depths


  • Amo-ne Lightroot
  • Camobatures Lightroot
  • Eknupup Lightroot
  • Gadohsi Lightroot
  • Iayusus Lightroot
  • Katenim Lightroot
  • Kawakanis Lightroot
  • Kogoir Lightroot
  • Koradat Lightroot
  • Korakut Lightroot
  • Muzasu Lightroot
  • Mu-ustust Lightroot
  • Napanos Lightroot
  • Nabahi-ikat Lightroot
  • Netamnet Lightroot
  • Netinet Lightroot
  • Nihcayam Lightroot
  • Nikakik Lightroot
  • Nisoij Lightroot
  • Nojoj Lightroot
  • Nogukoyk Lightroot
  • Nuzimak Lightroot
  • Ramobnukas Lightroot
  • Rikonasum Lightroot
  • Sijnin Lightroot
  • Sikurukam Lightroot
  • Sinonoyk Lightroot
  • Tikanur Lightroot
  • Uihcoke Lightroot
  • Uoyoyuik Lightroot
  • Uukukis Lightroot
  • Zi-ner Lightroot

Eldin Depths


  • Cugukaram Lightroot
  • Katijabis Lightroot
  • Katoij Lightroot
  • Kawamit Lightroot
  • Kayam Lightroot
  • Misisi Lightroot
  • Mustis Lightroot
  • Tayamik Lightroot

Faron Depths


  • Kohsustu Lightroot
  • Mimufis Lightroot
  • Muokuij Lightroot
  • Ni-iraram Lightroot
  • Uisihcoj Lightroot
  • U-u-ujoj Lightroot

Gerudo Depths


  • Amakawis Lightroot
  • Gataharak Lightroot
  • Gonatoyrim Lightroot
  • Gonatoyros Lightroot
  • Jadukakar Lightroot
  • Kasari Lightroot
  • Kawatik Lightroot
  • Kimakarut Lightroot
  • Kiwaraus Lightroot
  • Mihcihc Lightroot
  • Mustuto Lightroot
  • Nikohsi Lightroot
  • Rasinaduk Lightroot
  • Sisustom Lightroot
  • Stamayam Lightroot
  • Tatayam Lightroot
  • Umamustor Lightroot

Hebra Depths


  • Aduon Lightroot
  • Kataki Lightroot
  • Kato Lightroot
  • Kawumoro Lightroot
  • Koro-nui Lightroot
  • Muihcoro Lightroot
  • Muotoe Lightroot
  • Mu-ufatur Lightroot
  • Narusis Lightroot
  • Nupisoyuat Lightroot
  • Sasag Lightroot
  • Sikatag Lightroot
  • U-nazohso Lightroot
  • Worihas Lightroot
  • Yisuayam Lightroot

Lanayru Depths


  • A-nehi Lightroot
  • Kawagom Lightroot
  • Kegopa Lightroot
  • Korom Lightroot
  • Kuzimoy Lightroot
  • Migo-o Lightroot
  • Sekioam Lightroot
  • Siakij Lighroot
  • Takaruk Lightroot
  • Uasnoj Lightroot
  • Uinoj Lightroot
  • Uogoj Lightroot
  • Usukaz Lightroot

Necluda Depths


  • Arusakam Lightroot
  • Kimimadena Lightroot
  • Kisihayam Lightroot
  • Kotimab Lightroot
  • Sijotu Lightroot
  • Sohse Lightroot

Eventide Island Depths


  • Ni-iraram Lightroot




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